This is a demo website for the i-Search plugin, with over 140.000 tags in total. We do not sell any products.

Ultimate Ajax Live Search

Search in over 140.000 tags, over 1.000 Products, IMDB top 1.000 Movies, over 3.000 Actors, Media Library with over 5.000 images. This website is hosted on a low-cost hosting provider as a VPS with only 1 Virtual CPU to demonstrate you that server capacities do not play a big role for i-Search style


With the powerful instance builder, there are no limits set for your design.

  • Without load more button
  • No description. Only title
  • Search only in products
  • Only 10 suggestions
  • No images
  • No tabs
  • Suggestions width is equal to input width
  • Popular searches enabled
  • Search analysis enabled
  • Did you mean enabled
  • Rounded corners
  • Search for: makbook

Search analysis

Analyze your visitors NOT FOUND search queries.
Optimize your posts for a better SEO.

Instance builder

Build as many search instances as you need.
Every instance is independent of each other.

Content builder

Display what you want in the suggestions
with the content builder.

Woocommerce compatible

Search in products and product categories only.

  • On sale support
  • Backorder support
  • Out of stock support
  • Variable products out of stock support
  • Product rating support
  • Add to cart support
  • Buy now support
  • Clickable tags
  • Did you mean enabled
  • Search for: Brown chairs
  • Search for: Christmas
  • Search for: MacBook
  • Search for: brown wooden board
  • Every product
  • Disabled if product is out of stock…
  • …Or all variations are out of stock
  • Click on a tag or a category in the result
  • Search for: MakBook


Add pluralization rules in your language.
Searches are plurized in booth directions.

Word replacement

Build replacement rules.
Replace “&” with “AND” and vice versa

Include all

Select what to consider in the search.
Meta keys, Taxonomies are also supported.

Movies example

Search in movies, actors and genres only.

  • Underlined style
  • Dark color style
  • Continuous scroll enabled
  • IMDB id is a meta key
  • Genres are taxonomies
  • Actors are taxonomies
  • Clickable tags
  • Trending searches inside the search field
  • Search for: Tom Hanks
  • Search for: Batman
  • Search for: Action
  • Search for IMDB id: tt0993846
  • Pluralization enabled
  • Search for: The meaning of life
  • Search for plurized: The meaningS of life
  • Click on a actors or a genre in the results
Trending searches: Loving Vincent, Black and red outdoor basketball court, Person holding rose gold iPhone 6 style style. Display only the tags. Trending searches below the search field, rounded corners, search background change on click, shadow around search field on hover and click. clean style suggestions only title.

Many options to select from

Will fit in your templates design.
With the powerful instance builder.

Custom search terms

Add custom search terms to your post/taxonomy.
Change the deafult image for suggestions.
Exclude single posts/taxonomies from the search.

Pre-purchase questions?

Feel free to contact the author.